With over 80 points of sale all across Canada, the Dissan Group is the largest JanSan marketing group in the country. Founded in 1991, the company has consistently grown by welcoming new members all over the country.

Group members are professionals that distribute hygiene solutions in the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.

They are industry leaders in their local and regional markets.

A comprehensive service offering for our members

A buying power of over $ 100,000,000 per year

Close collaboration with over 70 suppliers


Maximize your bottom line. Get concrete results and tangible benefits. Our best practices offer economies of scale and innovative solutions.

Focus on the growth of your business while we focus on your commercial success.

A catalyst for success



  • Our expertise in the sanitary industry
  • Our relentless focus on helping you achieve your short term and long term goals
  • Our consistent innovation in special offers and programs
  • Our proactivity in transforming our members’ needs into practical solutions
  • Our exceptional customer service


The Dissan Group serves multiple segments in different markets through its members located all across the country. We have gained a deep understanding of each segment over time that allows us to meet the complex and demanding needs expressed in terms of product quality, cost, or volume.

  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Hospital, clinics, and drugstores
  • Restaurants and caterers
  • Airports, subways, train stations, and other transportation hubs
  • Supermarkets and grocers
  • Repair shops and car dealers
  • Malls and smaller shops
  • Industrial plants and factories
  • Government buildings and institutions
  • Office buildings and other businesses

Our team

We believe that having every team member express their point of view creates an ideal context for productive discussions leading to informed decisions and better results…

The Dissan Synergy

We favor an inclusive culture and value open communication. We are always going above and beyond and value the diversity of the group. We promote sharing different points of view to increase the bonds within the team..

We focus on the strengths of each employee and we minimize the weaknesses. Leading a team to success is building confidence in each and every one member. Each employee contributes effectively to the objectives. The Dissan Group works proactively to lead the team to success by optimizing the professional development of each employee.

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9900 Boulevard du Golf,
Anjou (QC) H1J 2Y7
Tel: (514) 789-6363
Fax: (514) 352-4815

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