The Dissan Group retains the Best Managed in Canada title for a 5th consecutive year, achieving Gold Standard level of excellence.

The Dissan Group is proud to retain its title of one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for a fifth consecutive year. The Canada’s Best Managed Companies program recognizes excellence in Canadian owned and managed companies that apply world-class business practices and innovate in the development of added value. Each year, hundreds of companies compete for the prestigious title through a process that is both rigorous and rewarding. The Dissan Group has proudly held this title for five consecutive years, which places it in the Gold Standard winner category.



The Gold category recognizes winners who have maintained their Best Managed status for three consecutive years and who have demonstrated their commitment to the program by successfully retaining their award for four to six consecutive years.

This recognition is an enormous source of pride for us! As a Canadian company that has been working in the sanitary field since 1991, we attribute our success to the tremendous amount of work we have put in. The experience we have accumulated over the years allows us to better respond to the complex and demanding needs of each sector, in terms of product quality, cost and volume. All our members are also sanitation industry leaders in their respective regional and local markets, and we are proud of the work that goes into these collaborations. We congratulate our partners Bee Clean and Polykar for also being recognized as being among the best managed companies!

The Dissan synergy
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Our greatest strength is without a doubt our team! Everyone makes an essential contribution to achieving the organization’s common goals. The Dissan Group works proactively to lead its team to success by optimizing each employee’s professional development.

By making room for the strengths and talents of each member of our team and by encouraging everyone to share ideas, we establish deep relationships and create an ideal context for informed decisions and better results! Proximity is a very important value to us; it’s what keeps us connected but also what keeps us listening, whether to our teams, our distributor members or our customers.

The Dissan Group
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More than ever this year, our company was put to the test with the arrival of the global pandemic. As the leader and #1 distributor in Canada, we were able to react quickly and adapt to this new reality thanks to our capacity for innovation and our proactivity in finding practical solutions. It has been a challenging time, but we are reaping the rewards!

This pandemic has taught us that we should never take anything for granted, and that it is important to stay true to ourselves. While some may have profited from COVID-19, we focused on improving our offering and strengthening our leadership position in the sanitation industry. We didn’t become experts overnight; it has required a sustained effort over many years. As a company, we need to be flexible, innovative and proactive. Having a strong team like ours has helped a lot!

About Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Canada’s Best Managed Companies continues to be the mark of excellence for Canadian-owned and managed companies with revenues over $10 million. Every year since the launch of the program in 1993, hundreds of entrepreneurial companies have competed for this designation in a rigorous and independent process that evaluates their management skills and practices.
The Best Managed network represents the highest class of Canadian business, and truly the backbone of the Canadian economy. Best Managed companies understand the challenges that face private businesses and are worthy examples that companies of all size and scale can learn from.

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