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Joining the Dissan Group allows you to be part of the largest group dedicated to the JanSan industry in the country. We have everything in hand to support the growth of your business with our complete service offering,.

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Joining the Dissan Group as a preferred supplier gives you direct access to the largest independent distribution network in Canada with over 80 points of sales, coast to coast.

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Founded in 1991, the Dissan Group has grown significantly over the years by welcoming new members all across Canada. We focus relentlessly on our members commercial success. Building excellence together.

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You aim high.
We get it right.

With over 80 points of sale across Canada, Dissan Group represents the largest JanSan industry group of the country. Our members are sanitary industry leaders in their respective markets.

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Combine visionary ideas and innovative strategies.

Challenge yourself and develop your full potential.

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